VACATION is Buying!


We ask that you please call the store or message the shop on Instagram to check that a Buyer is available to go through your items. 

Please only bring us clean clothes that are in wearable condition. 

If you have a surplus or a closet clean out, please get in touch. We DO make house calls on a situational basis. 

We pay outright 33% cash of what we will price your pieces at in the shop. 

VINTAGE is a sustainable, environmentally sound, economic and an accessible approach to fashion. We are proud to offer you someone else's pre-loved garments, as your new favorites. The Vintage cycle should to be the modern approach to fashion!



What is VACATION looking for?

We look for items that are special! Anything 1920s-Y2K, Designer pieces, a wild textile, or a fashion-forward garment for our customer to imagine as their own. The very best reference for what we are buying is our Instagram - here you can see thousands of garments we've had instore over the years.

We are looking for garments made from natural fabrics, true vintage, collectible t- shirts, designer pieces from all eras, denim that is made in USA and any garment that is unique, wearable and one of a kind. 1980s and 1990s are also welcome, knitwear, anything relevant, fashion forward and fun. We are size inclusive, so all sizes are also welcome for consideration. 

We do NOT buy fast fashion, work out clothes, 'mall brands' or most synthetics. There are always exceptions, however these are great general guidelines to consider when coming to sell to us.  



How do your buyers know what to take and how does pricing work?

Our expert Buyers have years of knowledge on garment construction, fabrics, fashion houses and current trends. We buy what is desirable to our customers and strive to sell it at a price that pleases both our sellers and our shoppers. We have a discerning eye and we try our best to give the fairest prices around!

We buy clothing outright for 33% of our retail price. You get paid on the spot. We also offer store credit at 45% trade for instore items.

Consignment is considered on a case by case basis, please get in touch if that's something you are interested in pursuing.


Can VACATION buyers come to my house?

YES, but on a case by case basis. We ask you to email or message us on Instagram with a few photos of what you are selling. From there we will determine if a house call is the best route. We do storage units and estates frequently, please inquire if you have a surplus!

 Why did VACATION pass on my items?

Please, don’t take it personally! We do our best to purchase what we can from all of our customers, but we can only buy what we think can sell. We are a small business and have a limited capacity to buy what we can afford, and what we can easily turn over in the shop. 



Whats up with COVID?

We are rolling with the punches- we offer appointment buys if you are not comfortable with waiting in store, (socially distanced and masked of course!) Our staff is regularly tested for COVID and we take all necessary precautions instore for your safety as well as ours. We have learned Covid is not transferable on fabric so we do not wear gloves when buying. If you have extra need for precautionary measure we 100% respect that and we will do whatever makes you comfortable.

We DO NOT hold clothes, so anything dropped off needs to be picked up same day, with arrangements made prior to drop off

We appreciate you choosing Vacation!

We know you have many options where to take your garments for re-sale and we appreciate you choosing VACATION as a selling destination. more than 50% of our shops inventory is from public buys!