Vintage is for Everyone
VACATION was originally established 2012 at 651 Larkin Street, founded by Kristin Klein and Adeel Ahmad. In 2019 Kristin was joined by Ned Meiners for Vacation 2.0!
In January of 2020 we moved to our dream shop-across the street at 704 Larkin Street. Just in time to be shut down by COVID. Through an essential pivot, and unwillingness to give up, we have adjusted to being equal parts Retail Shop and Social Media store via Instagram- 2021 brings the newest edition, this Online Shop!  
VACATION has a long history of being more than just a Vintage shop- our original space had a basement that hosted a range of performances, musicians, artists and events over the years. We plan to carry the tradition of cultural events over to the new shop- in due time when events are happening again.
We hope your visit to VACATION leaves you with a smile, and a positive experience to take with you from our special part of San Francisco.
Sometimes you have to look deeper than the surface to see the true beauty, and this sums up the Tenderloin perfectly.
We believe in Equality, we believe in Community, and we believe in the Tenderloin.
We stand in SOLIDARITY with the LBGTQ community, with Black Lives Matter and all POC, with Women. VACATION stands with every single person fighting for a better world. We welcome all open minds into our shop. 
During Covid we are following all CDC and San Francisco guidelines in place to keep you and our staff safe and healthy while we are open for shopping. 
The incredible support during the Pandemic has been overwhelming. We will never be able to thank you all enough for helping us, a small business, a brick and mortar shop (with San Francisco rent) survive during these incredibly tumultuous times. From the bottom of our hearts, we love and appreciate you all so much.