About WORK

VACATION established 2008 in Atlanta, Moved to San Francisco in 2012. VACATION is Carefully selected one of a kind pieces by Kristin Klein, and over the decade of being a shop VACATION has earned a reputation for top quality and original pieces for all people. High end Designer resale, legendary collectible Tshirt collection, Inclusive Vintage in all sizes, and something affordable for all price ranges, VACATION has always strived to actually be “all you ever wanted”

Known Bad Boy is Sam Poole. Starting in 2015, Sam quickly secured a spot as one of Depops top sellers. Sam has curated an online presence that is distinctively his own.

Kristin & Sam joined forces in 2022 to open WORK, a place to showcase their top picks from the Vintage community. WORK is consignment based, each seller curates for WORK, sets their own prices and receives a higher than usual commission than other collective models. Our goal is to bring humans back to the storefront world- these special pieces deserve to be seen, shopped and tried on- in real life! Supporting our friends in the Vintage community and bringing really great clothes to our customer is our number one way to MAKE IT WORK!